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How To Find Love

In Years gone by, Love was usually found close to home.  In todays world, all that has changed. We travel further, move house more often, and frequently change towns or even the countries we live in, leaving our childhood loves , extended families and friendships behind.

We no longer date our best friends sibling or the neighbour down the road.
So how do we find love in this new distant, high speed, high tech

This  isnt just theory . I have lived what I recommend on this site. I have been happily married for many years now and have two beautiful children. I found love through the internet, so I know how well it works and how easy it is. I found my true love in just 3 weeks.

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What are your choices to find love today.

There is the well worn advice to join a club of like minded people, get out there and socialise. The problem which I found was that in these small groups, most are already married or partnered, and the chances of finding someone that you are interested in, who is single, who is attracted to you and is also looking to find love is slim.

So what next: advertise... doesnt sound very romantic, but IT WORKS!
The internet has made it very simple.

Imagine this, you are making it known that you want to find love. You know that the people responding also want to find love. You can tell them exactly what sort of a person you are and you can tell them exactly what you are looking for so you're on a level playing field of love.

All this before you've even met. Naturally nothing replaces a face to face meeting, but at least you know theres a very good chance that you could find love.

Millions of couples around the world have been able to find love online.  So where do you start.

There are some great online dating sites, but there are also many scams. It is important to find a high quality local site with a strong membership. Theres just not much point joining a little startup site with just a few members.

Once you have chosen and joined one or more sites, keep an eye on your email or check your page for messages. If someone grabs your attention, you can start an IM (instant message) conversation. When the time is right, you can exchange phone numbers and then meet in person. Its an exciting way to find love.

I have reviewed the leading dating sites in each country. Go ahead and take your pick. Good luck and have FUN finding love.

Please note: These pages will not allow you to see overseas sites. Only the ones in your country. Dont worry, theres plenty of love to be found near home.

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